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See mockups of the exterior of your home created from your house plan drawing/front elevation 2D plans. The service includes:

  • Paint colors 
  • Siding types (i.e. horizontal, shake, board and batten, etc.)
  • Veneers (i.e. brick, stone, etc.)
  • Window type and color
  • Door type and color
  • Garage door type and color
  • Roof type and color
  • Lighting
  • Shutter type and color
  • Other minor aesthetic changes (window boxes, pergolas, etc.)


The service does not include large, architectural changes such as additions, removals, adding a porch, enclosing a porch, etc.


The process is simple - send your house plan with notes indicating which materials go where, and any links to the materials you are considering, and mockups of your home will be created showing various color palettes. This listing also includes up to 6 total changes on the mockups.

House Plan Mockups from 2D Drawing Front Elevation Plans

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